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standard Why Google Should Buy Snapchat

Snapchat—isn’t that about sexting? We thought so, too. But it turns out there are a host of reasons why people might want to send a photo that isn’t stored permanently online. Detractors of Snapchat insist that the only reason why you’d want to send someone a throwaway picture is because it’s something dirty. Defenders insist that the real reason for disposable pictures is a generational shift in behavior: Kids who have grown up with Facebook ever-present in their lives are keenly aware that everything they share is watched and scrutinized. Tools like Snapchat give them freedom to share without consequences, to communicate without the pressure of every interaction being drenched with meaning.

standard Hearst Claims More Digital Subscribers Than Anybody

Hearst Corp., publisher of Cosmopolitan, Elle and Road & Track among other titles, now has 800,000 paying digital subscribers, according to President David Carey. Carey (pictured) included the stat in a letter to employees at the company. The figure refers to monthly subscribers across all titles and via iPads, Nooks, Kindle Fires and Android devices for the end of 2012. Carey claims the figure is “the highest in the industry” and that more than 80% of those subscribers are new to Hearst. Conde Nast, one of Hearst’s biggest rivals, has 500,000 digital-only subscriber/single copy sales and 1.5 million customers who choose a print/digital combination, but “It’s not an apples-to-apples comparison because Hearst sells digital subs separately from print product while we offer ‘bundled’ content.” a rep says. Other industry competitors including Time Inc. and Meredith haven’t released their digital subscription figures. The New York Times claimed 592,000 digital subscribers in October 2012.

standard Top 10 Luxury Mobile Brands

Luxury marketers added mobile-based utility or entertainment to cross-channel campaigns this year to gain exposure among savvy smartphone and tablet users. According to Luxury Daily, mobile touch points included in multi-channel efforts by luxury marketers helped to extend these campaigns onto a medium accessed daily by consumers. The best efforts of 2012 used the medium to reinforce status, while keeping the brand top of mind among the target audience.

standard Jell-O Mobilizes!

Kraft Foods-owned Jell-O is encouraging consumers to learn more about its brand via a new mobile initiative that features recipes consumers can make using the company’s products. According to Mobile Marketer, the company is running the mobile campaign within Us Magazine’s mobile site. Jell-O has used mobile advertising in the past to drive user engagement. “The Jell-O mobile advertising campaign is generally well-designed and functional, with the ability to click on the banner ad to expand the ad unit to see the full recipe and flick between different pictures of the items,” said Simon Buckingham, CEO of Appitalism, New York. “It is useful to be able to see the amount of preparation time, total time including cooling and serving size that makes the recipe requires,” he said. “The recipes are very compelling to those viewers with a sweet tooth, and include items that most Jell-O eaters would not simply come up with themselves – they really show good uses of the product.”

standard Capture: iPhones New Video Camera

The launch of YouTube Capture, an iPhone-only app launched with little fanfare that will likely overtake the device’s default video camera. You may not have installed Capture yet — indeed, it took most of Monday for it to even show up in the App Store’s search results. But we’re betting you will; it is as essential to your iPhone experience as its corporate sister product, Google Maps for iOS 6, which has been downloaded 10 million times in a few days. Capture does what its name suggests: captures video instantly, and posts it to YouTube, with some neat enhancements, in a click or two. You can share the result to Twitter or Facebook, and it plays nice with the built-in Apple video library, syncing back and forth. The YouTube folks I talked to exuded an air of quiet confidence about the app Monday. “We think it serves a number of use cases a lot better [than the iPhone video camera],” said Andy Berkheimer, engineering manager. “Particularly spontaneity: when you see something going on, you want it. “You can configure the app in a mode where it’ll turn the camera on the minute you open it. It’s not set up that way, but if you want it to behave that way you can.”

standard M-Commerce Being Used for Big Ticket $$ Items

PayPal this week revealed that the largest mobile transaction it has processed so far this year was for a $48,000 bulldozer. With consumers spending as much as $48,000 on purchases made via mobile, it is clear that the medium is not just for small-ticket purchases any longer.  According to Mobile Commerce Daiuly, in the early days, many thought no one would use mobile for purchases other than small ticket items such as digital downloads. While several recent examples disprove this idea, the majority of consumers are still not comfortable making very large purchases via mobile. “As consumers increase their use of mobile and become more comfortable on devices, we are seeing that this is leading to higher purchase amounts,” said Claudia Lombana, shopping specialist at PayPal, San Jose, CA. “We are not seeing these every day, however. It comes down to the flexibility and convenience on mobile, which is unparalleled so people are becoming more comfortable making higher-end purchases,” she said.

standard Are Brands Delivering Mobile Relevance?

The ability to deliver contextually relevant experiences is one of mobile’s big promises for marketers. According to Mobile Marketer, while many experiences have not lived up to these promises, there are signs that 2013 could see a significant jump forward. The ability to leverage not only the time of day and a user’s location – which marketers are getting better at all the time – but also a user’s behavior and preferences is key to strong contextual relevancy. However, marketers face internal as well external challenges to making this a reality. “I think most marketers are still failing to deliver strong contextual experiences on mobile devices,” said Thomas Husson, Paris-based analyst at Forrester Research. “I am not referring here to the advanced use of geo-fencing capabilities — there obviously have been great location-based campaigns,” he said. “By context, I also mean making the most of preferences stated by consumers and their past behaviors.

standard Caution: Mobile Addiction Infographic!

Are you one of the 29% of people who say they can’t live without their cellphones? According to a recent Pew Research study, people have a hard time breaking away from their cellphones — and their friends don’t help stop this addictive behavior. The study also shows that only 12% of cellphone owners say that people they know tell them when they’re spending too much time on their phone. But 39% of cellphone owners say their family, friends and acquaintances will complain if they don’t answers calls or texts fast enough. The study of 2,254 adults showed that 67% of cellphone owners check their phone for messages, alerts, or calls, even when they don’t notice their phone ringing or vibrating. Here’s another unhealthy habit — 44% of cell owners have slept with their cellphone next to their bed because they didn’t want to miss any calls or texts during the night.

standard 2013 Mobile Commerce Predictions

As devices and network speeds improve and more brands take on a mobile-first approach, mcommerce will continue to accelerate and build momentum in 2013. This year, companies such as JCPenney – who promised to get rid of traditional point-of-sale mechanisms and incorporate mobile checkouts in-stores – have put mobile at the core of their marketing efforts. Mobile commerce has already grown more than imagined and although there are more leaps that need to be made, there is no doubt the space will make a bigger impact next year. “I predict that many retailers that started with quick and dirty transcoded sites will move to API-linked integrated solutions that leverage and extend their ecommerce operations into the mobile space,” said Wilson Kerr, vice president of business development and sales at Unbound Commerce, Boston. See predictions here:

standard Swarm, Amazon Price Comparison Tool Raises A Cool Mil$

Despite a significant increase in the number of mobile-driven “Likes” on Facebook brand pages this year, many companies are still not optimizing their social experiences for mobile. According to Mobile Marketer, new research from social media solutions provider Friend2Friend’ found that while mobile “Likes” on brand pages have increased 500 percent since earlier this year, 7 out of 10 Facebook campaigns from large brands do not work on mobile. While there has been much discussion about Facebook needing to up its game in the mobile, the data suggests that brands also hold some of the responsibility for the inadequate mobile social experience. “We have really just hit the tipping point over the last six to 12 months in terms of mobile and social use,” said Roger Katz, CEO of Friend2Friend, Palo Alto, CA.

standard 10 Common App User Complaints

While apps may be efficient and convenient, we shouldn’t be afraid to vocalize (or tweet) complaints about an app’s shortcomings — even minor ones. Mashable crowdsourced their most common app glitch pet peeves. It felt good to vent their frustrations and get these burdens off their chests. We hope it will drive greater good, and app developers out there will heed their advice and work around these flaws, avoiding the wrath of petulant smartphone owners. And if you have your own app pet peeves that they missed, be sure to add them in the comments,

standard MMS ROI White Paper Download

Mogreet, the text messaging company today announced the publication of the white paper “Achieving Tangible ROI with Multimedia Text Message Marketing.” The white paper explored how mobile has changed consumer behavior and their interactions with today’s brands, and it also provides a roadmap for brands and retailers to achieve greater success with their mobile marketing efforts. “2012 is the year of the mobile consumer with exponential growth in mobile phone usage and a stronger reliance on mobile in the purchase decision process,” said James Citron, CEO and co-founder of Mogreet. “This report provides insights on how text messaging has evolved with high quality video, images, and audio which helps marketers meet and exceed their ROI goal.”

standard Mobile Content Consumption High for Young Females

Mobile content consumption rivals traditional media consumption for female mobile owners in the US and around the world, according to Marketing Charts and a survey results released in July 2012 by Vuclip. 38% of US respondents said they spend at least an hour a day viewing mobile content, compared to 43% who said they spend that amount of time using TV, print, and/or radio media. Although not a perfect comparison, these results contrast somewhat with findings from a Tremor Video study, which showed that while consumers (not just women) are spending time watching video on their mobiles, weekly TV consumption is far higher. Even so, the study concludes that TV is sharing some prime time viewing with mobile devices. Earlier research from Nielsen suggested that mobile video consumption is growing rapidly in North America, up 27% year-over-year to 38% of online consumers.

standard MMA Secures Over $1 Million For Mobile Research

Greg Stuart, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), announced that the association has secured over $1 million in funding to launch the first-ever global, in-market research project that will evaluate the return on investment that mobile contributes to the marketing mix. Called for Smart Mobile Cross Marketing Effectiveness, the research will test real in-market marketing campaigns to determine the relative economic value of investing in mobile channels compared to traditional marketing channels. Stuart previously led the landmark Cross Media Optimization Study (XMOS) series starting in 2002, turning it into the largest advertising industry research program ever conducted working with leading brands including McDonalds, Ford, Colgate, ING & many others. XMOS provided the first-ever opportunity for marketers to determine the optimal mix of internet media, TV, radio and print advertising drawn from real world, in-market results.

standard Simplify Mobile Marketing with Waterfalls latest eBooks

Recent stats show that the digital world has shifted off of desktop computers and onto people’s mobile phones. As a result, integrating SMS into an email platform in order to provide a direct, interactive and immediate pipeline to consumers is essential. The latest installment from Waterfall’s Quick6 eBook series, SMS for Email Service Providers, details the 6 key points to consider when integrating SMS into an email platform: (1) Why Mobile: How a changing landscape affects ESPs, (2) Build vs. Buy: Weighing the decision to build in house or integrate with a vendor, (3) Know the Code: Integrating short codes effectively, (4) The 80/20 Rule: Identifying the most important feature set, (5) Adding Fuel To The Functionality Fire: Building a mobile subscriber database, (6) Getting Compliments for Complements: Effectively integrating SMS and email. By walking through the integration process step-by-step, readers gain an understanding of how to create a preparatory road map that will lead to a successful product roll out.

standard Velti Wins Junipers Future Mobile Award

Velti’s wide mobile advertising footprint and flexible advertising platform have led to continued success over the past 12 months. Their mGage technology is a highly flexible offering campaign management tools as well as access to the MobClix ad exchange. Velti enable their customers to deliver across several channels from one platform and the flexibility of this platform has been key to their success. “The first half of 2012 has been one of the most exciting years to date in the mobile advertising ecosystem,” said Alex Moukas, CEO of Velti. “As brands, agencies and publishers strive to engage with their consumers, Velti is committed to not only helping clients reach their target audiences via mobile, but also engage and create powerful customer loyalty programs. We’re honored to be recognized as the 2012 Future Mobile Advertising Award winner.”

standard New Study: Mobile Goes With Everything

Call it the “new black” of marketing. Mobile seems to be integrating into campaigns of all types, and in fact is being used more as a bridge for cross-platform campaigns and less as a channel on its own. That’s one finding from the latest version of the Chief Marketer Mobile Marketing Survey. Marketers tell CM that they are getting their messages into mobile primarily as a way to drive prospects or audiences to campaigns taking place elsewhere. Whether it’s a video that’s meant to be shared via social channels—increasingly accessed first on mobile devices—a QR code that drives commuters to a web site, or an SMS campaign sending out offers to be redeemed in stores, mobile is becoming the connective tissue whose most important role today is holding multichannel campaigns together.

standard Olive Garden Invests in Mobile Video

Restaurant chain Olive Garden is making a bigger investment in mobile with a new campaign that uses video and an optimized-site to entice consumers to try its limited-time-only menu items. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the company is running the mobile advertising campaign within Pandora’s iPhone application. Olive Garden has used mobile before to encourage new and existing customers to go to its locations and try its menu items. “I like the Olive Garden campaign as it is simple and focused on individual menu items, which is well suited to both the mobile device’s small screen size and the mobile user’s busy behavior,” said Simon Buckingham, CEO of Appitalism, New York.

standard Twitter Said To Expect $1 Billion In Ad Revenue In 2014

Twitter Inc. expects to generate at least $1 billion in sales in 2014, two people with knowledge of the matter said, indicating that the blogging service will grow about twice as fast as some analysts now predict. According to Bloomberg, Twitter based the forecasts on expected advertising demand, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the numbers are private. The San Francisco-based company could change or miss the forecasts, the people said. Demand for advertising aimed at Twitter’s more than 140 million users is benefiting the company. Researchers at EMarketer Inc. have said that in 2014, Twitter will reach $540 million in ad sales, which make up virtually all of its revenue, up from $139.5 million last year.  http//

standard Automotive Shoppers Look to Mobile to Research Purchases

Almost 70% of consumers in a recent study were interested in using mobile devices to investigate vehicles. According to eMarketer, auto shoppers have demonstrated a predilection for online research for years, and that behavior is now carrying over into the mobile sphere. A report from Mojiva, a mobile ad network that relied on analysis of its own data, along with a Q1 2012 survey, found that 69% of consumers in the US were interested in researching the purchase or lease of a vehicle using their mobile phone. And auto consumers are showing some receptiveness to mobile ads that aligned with their shopping needs. Almost half of respondents said they considered deals and offers to be the most valuable information they could receive after clicking on a mobile advertisement. Additionally, one in five said they were interested in clicking on ads to learn about the features of a vehicle, or to watch a video about it. The same percentage of respondents said they valued ads that allowed them to sign up for future deals and offers, or other communications.

standard Facebook Launches Mobile Bazaar With 600 Apps

Facebook introduced an online directory for downloadable apps, taking a page from Apple Inc. and Google Inc. The service, called App Center, debuts with 600 applications, including Zynga Inc.’s “Draw Something” game and Pinterest Inc.’s online bulletin board, Menlo Park, California- based Facebook said yesterday in a blog posting and a press conference in San Francisco. “The App Center gives you personalized recommendations, and lets you browse the apps your friends use,” Facebook said in the blog. “It only lists high-quality apps, based on feedback from people who use the app.”

standard No More Need For Ad Networks?

With reports suggesting that Amazon wants to join other hardware makers such as Apple, Google and Samsung in owning a platform for selling and serving mobile ads, independent mobile ad networks are facing growing competition. According to Mobile Marketer, the word on the street is that Amazon wants to acquire its own mobile ad network. This would put the Kindle Fire maker in good company with Apple, Google and Samsung also either acquiring or building their own mobile advertising platforms. “The phenomenon you are seeing with Amazon, Apple and Samsung is that they are no longer just a hardware manufacturer or just an ecommerce platform,” said Noah Elkin, principal analyst at eMarketer, New York.

standard Wells Fargo Expands Person-to-Person Transfers

Wells Fargo is continuing to build its mobile strategy with a new tool that lets clients send and receive money from friends and family. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the person-to-person transfers feature has been added to all of Wells Fargo’s mobile and Web platforms. Wells Fargo has applications for the iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Palm operating systems, a mobile Web site and an SMS program. “Customers have begun to move away from using cash or writing checks and toward person-to-person and online payment services,” said Andrea Mahoney, spokeswoman for Wells Fargo, San Francisco. “Send & Receive Money is a new person-to-person online and mobile service that makes paying another person easier,” she said.

standard Email is the Anchor for Mobile

Mobile is quickly becoming the go-to place to check email, sometimes even more than desktop. Therefore, according to Mobile Marketer, it is critical that marketers not only optimize emails but also weave the channel into every aspect of a mobile campaign HGH. With this high usage from handsets, email marketing is becoming a mobile-first strategy. However, with a smaller screen and consumers’ shorter attention spans on their devices, marketers have to remember to keep mobile email initiatives simple, straight-forward and punchy.

standard Disney Leverages Mobile-First Characters

Taking a page from the Angry Birds playbook, Disney is introducing a line of licensed merchandise based on a mobile-first brand, the game, “Where’s My Water?” According to Mobile Marketer, licensed merchandise based on characters from the game, including plush toys and T-shirts will be available at retailers such as Toys R Us beginning in June. This is the first time Disney has licensed a mobile character and it reflects the growing importance that mobile is playing for large media companies as their audiences consume more and more content via smartphones and tablets.

standard IKEA Assembles Mobile Loyalty Program

Mobile is playing an increasingly important role for IKEA as it continues to build momentum for its loyalty program in the United States. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the IKEA Family program has been available in other countries for several years, but was not launched in the U.S. until last year. Mobile is a key part of the strategy, with employees using in-store tablets to sign-up new customers and IKEA sending out SMS alerts to keep consumers updated on new products. “Any retailer that is not thinking about mobile is missing something,” said Tim Reilly, senior account manager at 89 Degrees, Burlington, MA. “We are looking at traffic to our various sites, and people coming from mobile devices is becoming a larger and larger percentage.

standard Tiny % of Mobile Users Account For Large Share of Mobile App Buys

A new report from ABI Research showed that nearly two-thirds of app users have spent money on an application at least once. But according to Mobile Marketing Watch, among these paying app users, the mean spend was $14 per month. Behind the seemingly high average amount there are, however, some “striking findings,” ABI says. “The median amount among the consumers who spend money on apps is much lower than the average, just $7.50 per month,” admits ABI senior analyst Aapo Markkanen. “This reflects the disproportionate role of big spenders as a revenue source. The highest-spending 3% of all app users account for nearly 20% of the total spend, while over 70% spends either nothing or very little.”

standard Offline Is Driving Mobile Search

Getting a mobile marketing strategy in place is all well and good, but brands need to understand how much non-mobile exposures are driving the smartphone search revolution. According to Moblog, Google pulled some highlights from its new Mobile Planet initiative with Ipsos, the Mobile Marketing Association and the IAB recently to demonstrate just how important integrated programs have become. Group Product Marketing Manager for Google Mobile Ads Dai Pharm posted at their Mobile Ads blog data showing that,  ”66% of smartphone owners say they have conducted mobile searches after seeing an ad on another medium. TV is a key driver of mobile search, with 58% of smartphone users saying they have done a search from a TV ad. More than half of the respondents in this survey (52%) say they use their phones while watching TV, although some have seen much higher shares from other surveys.

standard Rovio Announces New Game: Amazing Alex

Rovio Entertainment, known for its intense focus on one mega-successful game title, Angry Birds, is looking to diversify with another new mobile game called Amazing Alex. The title is a rebranding of Casey’s Contraptions, which Rovio bought from developers Noel Llopis and Miguel A. Friginal earlier this month. Rovio CEO Mikael Hed told Finnish TV station Yle that the latest game “has an educational element and centers on the main character Alex, a curious young boy who loves to build things.” The title is expected to be released within the next two months.

standard Macys, Foot Locker Expand Mobile Payment

Another piece of the puzzle is falling into place for mobile wallet solution Isis, which this week revealed a list of retailers it is partnering with, including Macy’s, Foot Locker and Jamba Juice. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, a pilot of the Isis mobile wallet is scheduled to kick off this summer in Austin, TX, and Salt Lake City, UT. While the locations for the pilot and partners on the handset and financial services sides have been known for some time, this is the first indication of which retailers will allow shoppers to pay for purchases via the Isis wallet.

standard Rue La La Mobile Exceeds 50% of Sales on a Single Day

Rue La La may be the harbinger of things to come in Internet retailing. On April 14, 53% of the e-retailer’s total sales came from its m-commerce site and iPhone, Android and iPad apps. And this is not a fluke, Steve Davis, president of Rue La La, tells Internet Retailer. Mobile typically accounts for 30% of sales on weekdays and 40% of sales on weekends, and come the holidays mobile should account for 70% of sales on many days, he predicts. “For the last 10 years I’ve thought mobile was two or three years away, but the day never arrived. Today, not only has mobile arrived as its own commerce channel, it is growing with a vengeance—I’ve never seen anything accelerate so quickly,” Davis says. “For us the desktop is almost dead—mobile is everything. In two years we went from 1% of sales to 50% on a day, and it just keeps growing.”

standard Lays Drives Social with Mobile Video

Lay’s is looking to increase its social presence by running mobile video ads within Hulu’s iPhone application that leads consumers to its Facebook page. According to Mobile Marketer, the mobile video campaign promotes the company’s classic potato chips. The 35-second video centers around a women who is munching on the snack. “Running mobile video ads is a a great way for Lay’s, or any other brand, to reach engaged consumers and tell their brand story,” said Paul Bremer, chief revenue officer of Rhythm NewMedia.

standard Zappos Launches Interactive Spring

Online retailer Zappos is running an interactive mobile ad campaign that lets consumers create their own spring style story and shop new fashion trends. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the company is running the mobile ads within Us Magazine’s iPhone application. The mobile banner ads encourage consumers check out the company’s new products. “The Zappos campaign allows the consumer to customize the shoes or items they are viewing which allows for a good level of interaction and personalization,” said Simon Buckingham, CEO of Appitalism, New York. Mr. Buckingham is not affiliated with Zappos. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

standard T-Mobile Sports a New 4G Look

Carly Foulkes, T-Mobile‘s genteel spokeswoman, trades her pink summer dress for a black leather motorcycle outfit in a new ad from the company touting the network’s 4G network. Dubbed “Alter Ego,” the ad shows Foulkes growing bored with her closet full of magenta outfits before donning the new outfit and hopping on a 1000 cc Ducati superbike. Metaphor alert: the bike is meant to evoke T-Mobile’s 4G service. Peter DeLuca, T-Mobile’s SVP for brand, advertising and communications, says the ad is about “challenging the status quo and taking bold steps in the marketplace as a challenger brand,” and continued, “The makeover from the girl-next-door to an edgier, more tech-savvy and spirited Carly is synonymous with the evolution of the T-Mobile brand.”

standard Can The iPhone Take All The Credit For Mobile?

Apple’s iPhone opened up significant opportunities for marketers when it came on the scene in 2007 and since then numerous developments have led to new opportunities in terms of scale and reach. According to Mobile Marketer, Apple’s iPhone taught consumers that sharing information about their location and other data about themselves via a mobile device can be fun and beneficial, opening the door for marketers to target consumers via mobile. However, with many brands still lacking a robust mobile strategy, marketers are looking for the next big advancement that could pave the way for the channel to reach critical mass.

standard Are Publishers Toast On Mobile?

Mobile has undoubtedly shifted the way that publishers view their revenue models, but with drops in advertising revenue and media companies not taking advantage of the channel, can publishers survive in the post-PC world? According to Mobile Marketer, print publishers have grappled with how to approach mobile, whether it is with subscription models or advertising, for years. But when it comes down to it, do publishers have a chance in the mobile space or should they just cut their losses? “Mobile is a tiny market, however it is growing quickly,” said Agata Kaczanowska, lead industry analyst and media specialist at IBISWorld, Santa Monica, CA.

standard Kodak Tries To Monetize Photo Sharing App

Kodak is letting consumers order prints and pick them up the same day at Target and CVS stores nationwide via a new mobile application. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, consumers love using mobile phones to snap photos, browse photos and send them to friends. Being able to use a mobile app to quickly order prints of their favorite images is an important convenience for on-the-go users. “Being able to order prints was by far the most popular feature request – and in some cases a demand – from our app users,” said Trent Gruenwald, product marketing manager at Kodak Gallery, Emeryville, CA.

standard PayDragon App Meets LA Food Trucks

Several food trucks in the Los Angeles area are using a new mobile payments app so that customers can easily place orders and pay for them without having to wait in line. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the PayDragon mobile payments app enables users to pre-order from the menus for seven food trucks and pay for their purchases. Users can also scan QR codes on the sides of the trucks to initiate a transaction and find special offers. “Food trucks are by their very nature mobile,” said Hamilton Chan, founder and CEO of Paperlinks and PayDragon, Los Angeles. “Because they are always roving around town, consumers have become accustomed to walking to nearby trucks and ordering their food the old-fashioned way – standing in line behind a window.

standard Google Finds Mobile Moves Markets

 With consumers increasingly using mobile for price comparison, finding retail locations and shopping, retailers need to develop and think strategically about ways to integrate mobile into their overall marketing channels with smartphone and tablet uses.  According to Mobile Commerce Daily, according to new research from Google, consumers are increasingly swapping out their desktops for their mobile devices globally. The research looked at findings from the United States, Germany, Britain, France and Japan and also examined how tablets are playing a role in mobile trends.

standard Kindle Owners Lending Library Increases Sales

Amazon’s early data from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, which allows Amazon prime members who are also Kindle owners to borrow one free e-book per month, “suggests the possibility of an increase in customer purchasing,” Kindle content VP Russ Grandinetti said at Digital Book World today. Grandinetti said “we’re trying to be skeptical about this” but Amazon’s early data “suggests you can get people engaged in a book that they weren’t interested in otherwise.”

standard Vertu Taps Vogue, Net-A-Porter for Geo-Targeted Mobile Ads

Luxury smartphone retailer Vertu is using location-based advertisements in mobile applications such as Conde Nast’s Vogue and Net-A-Porter to market its new Constellation device. According to Luxury Daily, the ads use video and are meant to drive consumers to Vertu boutiques. The brand is trying to target a high-end female consumer. “With innovative mobile advertising campaigns, luxury brands have the ability to better target their campaigns at a specific audience in a certain geographic location,” said Gabi Schindler chief marketing officer of Amobee, San Francisco.

standard Google, Citi Discover First-Mover Advantage

 The mobile industry let out a big “oops” this week when flaws were exposed in mobile applications from Google and Citi that put consumers at risk, suggesting that the rush to be first in mobile payments and mobile banking may come with a price. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, two security flaws were identified last week in the Google Wallet mobile payment app that potentially let hackers access consumer accounts. Citi ran into trouble with its iPad mobile banking app, which has a program error that resulted in some customers paying the same bills twice.

standard Are QR Codes Killing SMS?

 SMS is a reliable workhorse in mobile marketing, but with the sudden rise and popularity of QR codes, text-in call to actions are being substituted by mobile bar codes. According to Mobile Marketer, nowadays consumers cannot go a day without seeing a QR code – whether it is on a magazine page, billboard or bus shelter. In past years, SMS calls to actions were seen just about anywhere. However, many current marketing efforts are not incorporating SMS, but rather placing a QR code on products to drive user engagement.

standard How Mobile Cultivates Loyalty

 Mobile Web is commonly used by marketers who are looking to incorporate a rich, interactive experience into a mobile marketing campaign. However, smart brands and retailers can use mobile Web sites to foster a deeper customer loyalty. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, from fast food chains to big box retailers, every smart brand has a mobile-optimized Web site these days, and for many companies mobile Web stands apart from other digital initiatives. Although mobile applications are typically reserved for loyal users, companies can also enrich their mobile Web sites to enlist a new group of engaged consumers. “Brands are using the mobile Web to extend key desktop functionality to a growing number of mobile users” said Ryan Kelly, vice president of sales and marketing at Mad Mobile, Tampa, FL.

standard New Photo App Erases Photobomb

It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking photos at a cheesy tourist trap or at the Golden Globes — there’s always a risk that a stranger (or Tina Fey) will ruin your memories with a cameo appearance in the background. Photo technology company Scalado has developed a way to correct the so-called photobomb. It announced on Tuesday a technology called Remove that automatically deletes unwanted objects from the background of mobile phone photos. The technology, which has not yet been released commercially, takes a series of photos in quick succession and then pinpoints moving objects in the collection, giving you the option to remove them with a click.

standard Mobile Could Increase 18-Fold

Smartphones, tablets, streaming video platforms and a constellation of expanding high-speed cellular wireless services are poised to drive mobile traffic to an incredible 10.8 exabytes a month by 2016, says network systems manufacturer Cisco. Since we’re not really using that word yet, I’ll break it down for you: An exabyte is equal to one million terabytes, or one billion gigabytes. That, wrote Cisco in its annual report released Feb. 14, would be an 18-fold increase over wireless network traffic today. The company says that wireless video, audio and email sent by mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops rose 133 percent in 2011, though only a few points more than it predicted.

standard State Farm Encourages Safety Via Android

State Farm is providing users with individual feedback about their driving habits and offering tips on how they can drive more safely via a new Android application. According to Mobile Marketer, the Driver Feedback app is available for free download in Google’s Android Market. Additionally, the app is also available to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users.

standard JCPenney Strengthens Mcommerce Efforts

Department store chain JCPenney is promoting its new fair and square pricing, as well as ramping up its mobile commerce strategy via a new advertising campaign. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the company is running audio and full page ads within Pandora’s iPhone application. JCPenney unveiled its new fair and square pricing last month. The fair and square initiative includes three kinds of pricing – everyday, month-long values and best prices.

standard Cover Girl Taps Mobile For Launch

Procter & Gamble’s Cover Girl is promoting its new Blast FlipStick lipstick products through an interactive mobile ad. According to Mobile Marketer, besides using the mobile ads to promote the line, the campaign also helps users finding their perfect color and recommends similar makeup products. The mobile ads are running within the IMDb iPhone app. “Mobile devices are always convenient as consumers carry them with them at all times, so users can carry out research on the go when they have a spare minute during their commute or their free time,” said Simon Buckingham, CEO of Appitalism, New York.

standard Will PayPal Target Retailers?

PayPal is reportedly preparing to launch a smartphone attachment for processing credit card transactions similar to what Square and others are already offering. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, PayPal is holding an event in San Francisco on Thursday, where it is speculated the company will introduce the new service. The move would follow recent steps by PayPal to build its presence in bricks-and-mortar stores via point-of-sale devices enabling shoppers to pay for purchases via their PayPal accounts by entering a mobile phone number and PIN. If the rumors are correct, PayPal would join an increasingly crowded space, with Square, Intuit and VeriFone already offering similar smartphone attachments for small and mid-sized business.

standard Wynn Las Vegas Geo-Targets M-Taxis

Luxury hotel and casino Wynn Las Vegas is driving awareness via a mobile advertising campaign in taxis that serves geo-targeted content about popular destinations around town. According to Mobile Marketer, the ads are appearing on Samsung Galaxy tablets that have been placed inside 1,000 Las Vegas taxi cabs for a year. Through the use of GPS technology, the effort delivers geo-targeted audio and video tours of Wynn Las Vegas, local attractions and as well as shopping and nightlife spots to visit based on their point of embarkation.

standard Sony Picturess Girl With the Mobile Tattoo!

 Sony Pictures is proving that mobile plays a big role when it comes to promoting its films by letting consumers order their copy of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” via a new ad campaign. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the company is running the expandable mobile ads within Pandora’s iPhone application. Sony has used Pandora in the past to promote its new releases. “Running mobile ads is important for any company or brand seeking to leverage the unique here-and-now revenue opportunities mobile offers,” said Wilson Kerr, vice president of business development and sales at Unbound Commerce, Boston.